Epson Work Force 845 Printer Review

The multifunctional printers which are also termed as all-in-one printers have stepped into the world markets. Epson Work Force 845 is also one among them with a superior performance and features.

The multifunctional features include printing, scanning, copying and faxing which is most likely for the small firms and home office purpose. The high end specs induced in the device makes it one of the outstanding all-in-one printers.

Design :

The impressive design and aesthetic black body with really a weight of about 22 pounds, a low weight when compared to some of its rivals would be one of the key factors for this device. This is not a bulky device and measures only as 11.8 inches in height, 17.6 inches in width and 14.5 inches in thickness. This makes it a portable device and can be easily shifted any where you like to place it.

The 13-inch LCD Touch sensitive control panel comprises of the controls of the device along with 7.8 inches touch screen for display. The controls present in this display are Menu, Home, left scroll, right scroll, Page Forward and Page backward in touch system that makes it very easy to anyone who uses it. There are two paper trays of a total capacity 0f 500 sheets present at the front of the device. This consists of ADF (Auto Document Feeder) of a capacity of 30-pages above the device.

There is only one USB port of direct print from your digital camera, the USB port is powered with PictBridge compatibility. There are two memory card reader slots present in the media card slot area. The Ethernet connector, phone connector and AC jack are present on the back side of the Printer. The power button is present just on the left side of the control panel at the font part.

Features :

The features that are supported by the Epson Work Force are Email Print, Epson iPrint, Direct Print, Air Print, Google Cloud print and different settings, for example Epson’s Photo Print software for modifying and editing the photo from your digital cam and printing it. The different apps like Creative Zone apps, scanner app and photo albums can be managed well and can be modified as your greeting card, calendar etc.

This device drivers supports Windows and Mac OS versions, foe the Apple devices Epson’s iPrint is present to get access to the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad etc. The WI-FI system can be easily connected to the device by simple steps and password entry. The wireless network name is entered in the network settings and then a password is entered there by connecting your device to WI-FI. The Email print feature is accessed simply by sending the documents to the unique email id of the device to get the print. The Air Print feature is the Apple’s special feature for its mobile documents to get access to the device and to print the documents. The iPrint feature also does the same thing but is included with many settings. The duplex printing is faster than expected as this prevents the pages from turning.

The Google cloud print can be activated by registering the device with Google cloud and installing Cloud app we get to print the Google cloud documents more easily and fast. The printer, scanner and copier panels are equipped with a high resolution that makes the copies livelier without any black blocks or dots on the paper. It consists of four color ink cartridges namely yellow, cyan, black and magenta with a high capacity which saves money and ink for the users. This is an enhanced all in one printer with all the high end specs that makes the documents printed out of high quality.

Performance :

The estimated speed for this device by Epson is as the copying speed is 7.1 ppm for color copy and 13 ppm for mono copy. The maximum printing speed is estimated up to 9.3 ipm for color print and 15 ipm for mono print. The faxing can be done at a speed of 33.6 kbps that is compatible with Super G3. The text prints produced through this device would be the best one in maintaining the color balance and vivid colors. With a maximum resolution we get the printed copies and scanned copies with utmost clarity and quality at a high speed. The only back drop is with the photo print where we get a pale look for some colors printed by this printer.

Call Off :

Epson Work Force 845 is the champion in all-in-one printer field for the home office and small business firms that comes in a price range of $95 to $199. But now the estimated price tag would be about $139, which is really an affordable price. This can be the best printer with multi functionality at affordable price range.

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