Dell XPS one 27 Review

Dell has recently unveiled an all-in-one desktop PC as a strong competitor to the Apple’s iMac PC known as Dell XPS One 27 desktop PC. This delivers the users with high end specs and a great touch experience on the tiled design of Windows 8 OS.

This huge PC is opted with touch and non touch screens where you have to pay a little extra when you opt for a touch interface. Let us check out all the advanced specs and enhancements made to this desktop to survive the competition.

Outlook :

This solid PC comes up with a power pack of hefty design, ports and connectors. The design is very classic and the heavy body on the front seems to be very sharp with a pretty black screen surrounded by a glass bezel. This is really heavy which weighs about 35.16 pounds and the body dimensions are 19.32 inches tall, 26.14 inches wide and its thickness varies from 1.25 to 2.82 inches.

At the very first glance we will notice the black screen and the four sensitive buttons present below the logo in a very constructive manner. The chassis is designed in a hefty grey plastic cover which contains an arm that can be titled up to a specified angle.

As already said it is a power pack of ports and connectors which are included on either sides and below the arm on the rear side. The left side is equipped with two 3.0 USB ports, head phone jack and an 8 in 1 card reader that supports many formats. On the right side we have got a DVD and Bluray drive and a power button; the remaining ports are present below the arm. The ports we find beneath Ethernet connector, HDMI in and out ports and four 3.0 USB ports. This is a ticking thing that they are usable only when you tilt the screen a little bit in upward direction.


This is the real enhancement which we notice, the 27 inches Quad HD screen with a high resolution of 2560×1440 pixels almost makes the display sharper and clear. If it is a touch screen you have opted for then the 10 finger multi touch system is great in work and in response time. On the bench mark tests the touch system of the new Dell XPS has been rated as one of the top powerful touch display desktops. The non touch screen also shows same performance when compared to the touch screen. The sensitive buttons are also fine when it comes to work and importantly the color balance is good and the brighter colors are even balanced more accurately.

Software and Hardware :

The main lead for the Dell XPS is its Windows 8 OS, the touch powered OS makes the users to choose this desktop as the OS gives great experience under touch system. The interface is fine and the user doesn’t come ahead with any of the interface problems.

The hardware configuration induced shows its elegance with 8 GB RAM and 2TB hard disk memory along with a 32 GB flash memory that is SSD memory. The CPU processor boasted is a Intel core i7-3770S model which is one of the high end specs involved in the Dell PC. The graphical feature enhanced by the inclusion of Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics card makes the gaming feature even more exciting and sharp.

The features like the wireless keyboard, mouse, 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, WI-FI connectivity and the advanced apps makes this desktop as worthy one. The advanced apps include the start screen, Dell shop, reading app that is Kindle app, photo storage app that is Photo gallery, video and audio play backs, video editors and many more exciting apps that fascinates the user who works on it.

On the whole it is a huge PC with a vast collection of high end specs and apps that amuses the user with its high performance bench mark.

Call off :

In the present Windows 8 OS trend this is the best PC available in the market with all the high end specs and features and for those who don’t think of iMac then Dell XPS One 27 would be a best all-in-one Windows 8 desktop PC with a price tag of around $1300 app.

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