Dell XPS 12 Review

Ever since Windows 8 has been launched we have come across many hybrid notebooks and tablets based on this OS. So, here comes another convertible ultra book that is which can be used as a tablet and also laptop from DELL in the line of XPS named DELL XPS 12.

It would be really a pleasure to introduce this model, with all high end specs and the unique design makes this device to stand on the top list of convertible ultra books. So, we are really excited to get into the particulars and features of this new notebook.

Outlook :

This convertible ultra book brought us a surprise with its convertible design to change the note book into tablet within seconds. The body is wrapped almost with carbon fiber surrounded by aluminum throughout the sides of the top cover. This has an excellent finishing and the bottom part is having a good grip with its rubber finish. The body dimensions are 12.5 inches in width, 8.5 inches in height and 0.9 inches in thickness. The weight of the device is 1.5 kg which is likely to be okay.

The flip model is unique that is it is designed on the top cover fitted with magnets in order to move the screen and even remove it very easily. We can remove it and use as a tablet with its touch system and can be fitted into the device simply by just placing the screen on the cover that can be held with magnets. The front part is totally covered by the screen with a 1.3 MP web-cam present above the screen.

Ports and Connectors :

Again the same thing is repeated with XPS 12 for its lack of most essential ports and connectors. The right side of the system is outfitted with a power button, screen display rotation button, volume rocker, LED flash one in white color and a head phone jack with mic jack. The left side is equipped with two 3.0 USB ports, mini display port and the left speaker. We are really disappointed to see the absence of optical drive, SD card slot, Ethernet connector and HDMI port.

Keyboard and touch pad :

The black lit chic let type keyboard is the best fit in the note book with all the keys placed in a comfortable manner. The black lit system with its LED flash light adjusts the brightness according to the surrounding brightness. The keys are little concave shaped with that facilitates the fingers to land comfortably on the keys.

The 4×2.4 inches Cypress touch pad is powered with a multi touch system that is quick and neat. The accuracy is fine and the palm rest for the touch pad is okay on the rubberized pad.

Display :

The 12.5 inches IPS powered touch screen is availed with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The color saturation is good, the image quality is fine and the display is maintained at utmost sharpness. The multi touch system supported in the screen is good and apps and the tiles can be slide easily with the fingers. The Gorilla glass covering protects the screen from external scratches and noises.

Software and Hardware Configuration :

This is the note book specially mentioned to use with Windows 8 OS to have a full pledge Windows experience on Dell touch screen. If you are stick to Windows 7 then you could choose one but Windows 8 is our advice. The apps and the customizations are good on the desktop; in the tablet mode we find little difficulty with the touch system.

We have mixed feelings towards the hardware configuration of the device with its Intel core i5-3317U processor at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD memory in which 80 GB is user available. These specs may be high end as far as it is a tablet but for laptop we feel them as moderate specs. It is integrated with Intel HD 4000 graphics card that would fail in 3D gaming but is more than enough for Windows 8 functionalities. If you put a little more money on the purchase you can have a top model of Intel core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR3 RAM and 256 GB SSD memory that is on top-notch.

Battery and Features :

The in-built battery is a 47 WHr, 6-cell Lithium Ion type battery which gives out an average battery backup. On different tests and based on different tasks we perform the battery backup has rated differently. On an average the battery backup would be good for almost 4 hours. Compared to its siblings we found this to be a little lagging in case of battery but it is okay for not showing so downfall.

All the specific and basic features like the document readers, image editors and the apps are totally good in this OS. The speakers and the sound quality offered by the speakers are fine and are powered without any external noise. The heat exhausters are present on the bottom left of the chassis that makes it comfortable to use without any problem with the hot air.

Call off :

The Dell XPS 12 at a price range of almost about 95000 rupees we think it is a worthy note book with all the high end specs. Though we find some of the basic things missing this is the worthy one, but the most annoying thing is the heavy price tag.

About: Thulasi Ram