Common questions asked in Job Interviews

This might sound more than a little overwhelming when you undergo a job interview for a graduate position or the first interview for the company you admire.

Common questions asked in Job Interviews

1. Tell me about yourself

One of the most crucial work interview questions, “tell me about yourself,” is always the interviewer’s opening gambit to instantly find out what you’re all about.

Your answer will not be just a recitation of your CV (which I presume the interviewer has already scanned). Use that then as an opportunity to advertise your job quickly, showcasing not just your big promotional points but also your unique work style and why you choose to work in the business.


2. What do you know about the company?

If you did your research before the interview, you’re likely to learn a lot about the networking interview questions. What panelists ask for today is not just what the organization has already achieved for half an hour, but instead getting to know the business before going to the interview.

Start with the basics; how big is the business, and what are they doing? Any company has some product, so state what it is; if it’s something they’re selling (e.g., clothing or food) or what they’re manufacturing for use (e.g., news or information).


3. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This would come as a shock to me if someone knew the response to this, but again, this is another typical interview question that is sure to come up. The interviewer won’t want you to be overly particular about this, so don’t feel like you should include the business you’re working with or your potential plans. Yet don’t suggest working with a rival listed on different job sites in India at the same time!

How you’re going to discuss is where you plan to be in five years – think about your goals, the qualifications you expect to have acquired by then, and how the position in question will help you progress towards that.


4. Why do you want to work here?

It may be one of the trickiest questions in the interview, mainly if you are driven only to pay the bills. It would be best if you remembered that while bill payment is a high priority, it is even more important to show passion and interest in your work.

Even if the zeal and curiosity come from a high-earning potential! Reflect on why the work offer on free job posting sites in India has advertised to you to address this issue.


5. Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced and how you dealt with it?

This is a behavioral interview topic that helps questioners see how you respond to future issues. To this respect, it is smart to think up a solution to advance such that you will not get off balance in the interview.

A reasonable approach to illustrate this is by utilizing the STAR form, describe the situation (specify the context of the event), the task involved, the action taken, and the result.

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