BlackBerry Z10 Review

BlackBerry has planned to have a great come back to the smart world with its new release of BlackBerry Z10. Z10 has all the improvised features and advanced specs that customers expect in a smart phone to be. Though this may be the best thing from BlackBerry we could say it is nowhere near the Android and iOS smart phones to compete.

Z10 is the only way for BlackBerry to survive, let us find out for what extent does Z10 would help BlackBerry to regain its glory and market sales.

Exterior Design & Features :

The body design of this handset is pretty simple and graceful in a solid black plastic chassis with a glass feel. The handset is very comfortable to hold and use with one hand that weighs only about 137.5 g and this is not a big phone compares to S3 whose dimensions are 5.12 inches in height, 2.58 inches in width and the thickness shows its sleek body of 0.35 inches.

The rear part is out of smooth finishing and gives us good grip to hold it. The rear is crafted simply with the BlackBerry logo at the center and the camera lens along with its flash at the corner. The front is designed with a clear screen with a black plastic material on the top and bottom parts of the screen. Above the screen we find a front facing camera, speaker grille and a sensor, below the screen we have nothing but company’s name.

While moving throughout the phone we find a USB port and HDMI port on one side and on the opposite side we have got a volume rocker and a silencer button. On the top of the phone a power button along with a head phone jack and sensor is present. On the whole we say Z10 is quite impressive at design and connectors.

Internal Features :

Let us start the internal features with 4.2 inches screen with an impressive resolution of 1280×768 pixels that is good enough to get a crystal clear display and sharp presentation. The 355 ppi pixel density seems to be better to get the pixels equipped very accurately for sharp display. The color saturation is maintained perfectly and the sunlight legibility seems to be good.

Software :

The best thing BB has made to get the attraction of the users is inducing the Black Berry 10 OS with all new apps and features in a best way. The user interface provided is fine and makes the users easily adapt to the environment. The apps are arranged in a four tile system and are totally fit in 3 pages to slide and the thing is we find no home screen.

Hardware :

This is boasted with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor supported by a 2 GB RAM that shows out good performance. The internal memory is availed with 16 GB data storage and the micro card slot memory is expandable up to 64 GB memory that is good news for the HD lovers.

Battery :

The Li-Ion type 1800 mAh battery built under the chassis of the BB Z10 would be surely appreciated for its performance. Due to the average resolution and no power pack of apps, the battery could manage well throughout a day or more. The test results quotes that it has 11 hours of battery backup on continuous talk time which is more or less same in real time.

Camera :

The camera features that include both the primary and secondary camera are impressive that yields better results during the shoot. The primary or the 8 MP rear camera is powered with a high resolution and LED flash. The outcome is good and shots are of good image quality. The 5X zoom is an enhancement for BB camera that could simply be used by pinching the screen.

The settings provide the option of selecting the camera, aspect ratio and the modes provide four different modes for the shot. The interesting feature is the Time shift mode that avails to highlight the faces in the snap and we see that, it captures the face before, after and on the time we shutter it. This makes us to select the faces with live expressions and fit the face into the picture to make it more beautiful.

Secondary Camera and Video Shoot :

We have got a 2 MP front facing camera with a quality of 720 pixels that shows impressive results while video calling or having the self shots. The video recording can be done 30 frames per second with a high quality of 1080 pixel HD quality with all the advanced options and settings.

Features :

We can say it as a power pack of connectivity features that include 4.0 Bluetooth, WI-FI along with hot spot system, NFC, internet and USB which are exceptionally good and we find the results are availed with high speed during browsing and internet usage.

The multimedia features include the BlackBerry HUB, Music, and Video with Play on option that is offered simply by an icon on the screen. The games are quite exciting when we play on the screen of BB and they can be downloaded from the Hub, the story book is an app for the kids especially to know good stories.

The basic apps and widgets that we find are the Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Weather and most importantly Blackberry Maps for finding the locations or navigations. The social networking features like Face Book, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn are present in the BB world. The advanced specs or apps include the Docs-To-Go for the purpose of documentation, Smart Tags for transferring the information in a précised way and the Voice control for accepting our voice commands etc.

Call off :

After a long time Black Berry has set another smart device to take off the market sales, though it is not that worthy but it is a good thing for the Black Berry users to get an enhanced high end device like BlackBerry Z10. Hence we say this as not the best but a good smart phone for those who fall for BlackBerry.

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