Bitcoin Poker: What is it? Top 10 Sites & more [2019 Updated]

In this article, you'll learn more about Bitcoin poker and the ten best Bitcoin poker sites to gamble on. Read for Top 10 Bitcoin Poker Sites & FAQs

Traditionally speaking, poker is a card game that combines gambling, strategy, and a set of different skills to determine the winner of the bet. It was developed during the early 19th century in the United States and has become a popular card game around the world. While some play it for fun, the others play it for serious business. 


What is Bitcoin Poker?

Bitcoin poker refers to online poker and gambling games that deal with and trade in cryptocurrencies. The use of crypto helps in keeping the transactions anonymous and secure because of cryptocurrency‘s blockchain technology

Bitcoin poker games have taken over the casino industry ever since the introduction of cryptocurrencies. For a gambler, playing Bitcoin poker at the comforts of their homes is a much easier task than gambling away on fiat currency. 

Gamblers around the world can play Bitcoin pokers on online Bitcoin poker sites with the use of cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin to Litecoin to Tron. Bitcoin, being a decentralized currency, keeps your identity 100% anonymous while dealing with Bitcoin poker. Secondly, Bitcoin poker transactions are confirmed rapidly and sometimes even instantly as it does not require any authorization from banks and works on a peer-to-peer network


Top 10 Bitcoin Poker Sites

Some of the best Bitcoin poker sites that offer some excellent Bitcoin poker games, casino games, and betting games are: 

  1. 1xBit
  2. mBit Poker
  3. 7Bit Casino
  4. Stake
  5. Betchain
  6. BetOnline.AG
  7. Fairpoker
  8. Betcoin Poker
  9. Nitrogen Sports
  10. SWC Poker


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Poker

1. What is the best Bitcoin poker site?

1xBit is undoubtedly the best Bitcoin poker site with 20 crypto coin support and only 1% rake. The Bitcoin poker site also provides over 150+ video poker games for its users and also accepts players from the US.


2. What is a Bitcoin poker bonus?

Bitcoin poker bonus is probably one of the reasons why many people begin gambling online. Many users are awarded Bitcoin bonuses when they register on the Bitcoin poker sites. Bonuses are even rewarded to regular loyal users of the Bitcoin poker site to keep them engrossed. 


3. Where can I play Bitcoin poker online in the US?

Online gambling is banned across the US. However, a person from the US (New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey & Nevada exception) can gamble and play Bitcoin poker online from the websites that are based outside the US. 

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