Arsen Khalatian is on a mission to transform the traditional business networking with his startup, Evermeet

Arsen's two-person startup aims at providing faster networking solutions to people from around the world with innovative professional networking app.

We live in a digital world where e-mails and instant messaging apps have replaced the conventional methods of communication. However, many business persons in this contemporary world still rely on business cards to network with their fellow professionals. 

Arsen Khalatian
Arsen Khalatian

For Arsen Khalatian, it all started with one question- Why were people still using business cards in the modern smartphone-centric world despite the tons of next-generation ‘business card‘ apps? The appropriate answer for that would be because they all lack in providing the best solutions to their consumers.


A Modern Contact Manager

For Evermeet, founded by Arsen, it was all about striving to implement the team’s vision for developing something that could replace business cards from the ecosystem. 

Evermeet is a modern contact manager, founded by a two-person team based in Russia, that brings the benefits of social networking into the address book to streamline the process of making and managing connections. Evermeet enables you to organize your network in a central place, instantly connecting with people you meet, communicate with, or already know. 


Revolutionized Business Cards

Evermeet’s AirHand is a unique NFC-like technology that has been designed for creating on-the-spot connections via mobile phones and holds the potential to be the business card of today’s time. 

Arsen, while talking to TechLauncher, told us,

“Creating AirHand was the biggest challenge for us from the very beginning. None of the existing solutions, such as NFC, QR, or Bluetooth, can compete with AirHand when it comes to making on-the-spot connections.”

The modern networking solutions app that plans to launch soon has helped Arsen, grow personally as any other startup would. He said,

“You do things you’ve never done before to make something you’ve never made before. I don’t think there’s a way to improve yourself or your skills better than to start your own company.”

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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