Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review

Amazon is well known for its manufacture of low price tablets with all the high end specs. Now, 9 inches Amazon Kindle Fire HD strikes the shores of different countries. It is the Amazon’s biggest tablets till date with an 8.9 inch screen and all the enhanced hardware specs.

Let us find out whether Amazon Kindle is a great competitor to its rivals namely iPad, Nexus 10 etc. or it is just like any other gigantic tablet in the world markets.

Design :

The design of the Kindle is just stunning and has a premium look despite of its low price. The body has fine grayish black and slightly rubber finish that gives us a good grip to hold it. The curved edges with a black strip around the screen add beauty to the screen and tablet. The body dimensions are 9.45 inches tall when placed vertically, 6.46 inches wide and a sleek body with 0.35 inches thickness. This is a bit heavier due to its large size of about 567 g.

The rear part is smooth; a black strip present at the bottom fitted with speaker grilles on the two ends and the logo at the middle makes it more stylish. The front side is very clear with a clean black screen and above with a web cam makes it very simple to see.

Ports and Connectors :

The ports and the connectors are located around the edges of the device in a worthy manner. In the landscape mode the bottom edge is framed with micro USB port and micro HDMI port at the centre, the right edge is hosted with a head phone jack, in framed volume rocker, power button and the charging port.

Display :

The biggest thing is its 8.9 inches LCD display with a high resolution of 1920×1200 pixels which is the best fit for this tablet. Due to the high resolution the display is sharp and crisp with a lot of fun to use it. The pixel density is about 245 pixels per inch, slightly low when compared to iPad or Nexus 10 but it is just as we expect it to be. The IPS powered screen is excellent at viewing angles and it is good even in sun light. This supports a 10 point multi touch system and the touch response is very quick and satisfying. The color saturation is also maintained well and the awesome screen makes the browsing and interface usability more lively.

Software and Hardware Features :

Here we find a customized 4.0 Android Ice cream sandwich interface where it is difficult to find its essence. This is very much dominated by the Amazon’s Kindle interface with a lot of customizations done to the interface.

The home screen is presented with the recently used apps which can be selected by a simple tap. The top of the screen consists of the other apps and features that are included in the device. Amazon has taken care of not having the Android flavor on its interface by preventing the Google play store or all the Google apps which is replaced by Amazon app store.

This device runs on 1.5 GHz dual core processor with TI OMP 4470 chipset and supported by 1 GB RAM memory. The internal memory is availed with an option of 16 GB and 32 GB data storage, the absence of the SD card slot may be one of the annoying factors. This is powered with SGX544 power VX graphics engine that enhances the graphical features in the device.

Camera and Battery Life :

There is only one camera which is present at the front portion and the disappointing thing is the absence of rear camera. The 1.3 MP front facing camera is supported by a sensor and this can be accessed through the Skype app present in the device. This is good for video chatting and conferencing but the absence dedicated camera app may be a drawback.

This consists of a large Lithium ion non removable battery with a good battery life. It is good enough for more than 2 days on moderate usage and on continuous usage of apps, music player, video player it can keep it up to 10 hours. Care must be taken while using the battery draining apps which may cost less battery life.

Features :

The connectivity features include the Blue tooth, dual band WI-FI connectivity and the USB connectivity. There is also a special version of tablet for 4G connectivity feature with an extra charge. The multimedia features include the music store, video store and many exciting games. The music store includes the music tracks that we find in the Amazon website and the videos from the music hub of that website.

There is a facility for moving the music and the files from your desktop using the cloud and device service. The games include 3D games, race games and exciting games like Angry Birds, Temple Run2 and Motor Race etc. They also include an app for IMDb for the movies and video downloads and reviews.

The basic apps like calendar, Gmail, Alarm, clock and the document readers like Office Suite etc. are present in this device. The advanced feature for storage of the data in the cloud storage and the social networking experience is provided by Face book integration also offers users a good experience. There is another feature for text to Speech reader that is in English language is the most advanced feature included in the tablet.

Call Off :

From the hardware aspect it is the most satisfying feature that values the money spent on the tablet. Though there are certain compromises made in several aspects like the rear camera, features and many other external ports may not be that much of the annoying things for a tablet of this price. The basic price starts from $229 app. for a 16 GB tablet and $259 app. for a 32 GB tablet which can be termed as the low price for the tablet of this specs and features. For the 4G connectivity the basic price tag is about $339 app.

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