All you need to know about Internship Sites in India

Do you have a user profile on any of the online internship sites? If yes, did you succeed in getting any internship?

Do you have a user profile on any of the online internship sites?

If yes, did you succeed in getting any internship?

Don’t worry! If you were not able to secure any of the internships till now on online sites.

Today we will discuss internship sites and how to use these internships apps correctly and get yourself one.

If you are in your graduation days and want to get exposure to the real world, then internships are the best possible way to get the necessary exposure.


Why are internships best?

Internships are a win-win situation(both for you and the hiring company). 

You get to know how being a working individual feels like and gets their work done.

Also, this is the time when you do not need to work full-time for companies.

You can even get yourself a work from home or a walk-in internship.

You will get both(You will be able to enjoy your college days and also get the work experience).


Why are internships beneficial?

If you are still wondering why students need to do internships, they read the points below,

  1. Students get the work experience before they officially start working.
  2. They get the necessary exposure to their career growth.
  3. Students get something to write in their resume for the i=time when they actually will be applying for a job.
  4. A letter of recommendation for the hiring company (that will absolutely amp up your resume in your first job).


What do you need for internships?

Before you get yourself an internship, you must prepare your mind for some serious work.

And also, I don’t know how you get yourself motivated (read some ratan tata quotes or watch some Sandeep Maheshwari’s videos), but you have to get yourself motivated to do it.

Doing an internship even when you don’t have an interest in it will fetch you nothing.


Some of the platforms where you can get internships!

Now talking about the internship websites in India, there are some excellent sites.

For example, Internshala – it is one of the most popular internship sites.

Some other sites where you can find internships are:

  2. Indeed
  3. Upwork
  4. SimplyHired

Keep one thing (essential) in mind, no matter which site you apply through, but you will always be asked one question,

Why should you be hired for this internship?

So, make sure that you answer this question correctly!

All the best!

Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind
Hey, this is Shreyas A. He is an engineer by profession and an orator by passion. He loves to write on different set of topics right from technology, travel, general knowledge, science and politics. He also loves writing reviews on different product categories. He loves content writing as he belives it will help in bringing the creative person out of him 🙂

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