What is Affiliate Marketing? Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

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1. Introduction

2. What is Affiliate Marketing?

3. How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

4. Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

5. Conclusion


1. Introduction:

Diversification is the key to success, and everyone would have heard of this proverb. This proverb means that if you try out different or a variety of things, you are bound to enjoy success. It is the most straightforward meaning of affiliate marketing. 


2. What is Affiliate Marketing?

The process wherein you earn income by promoting the product or services of other people gets called affiliate marketing. If you can generate a sale for them, you will get paid, or else you will not.

There are numerous ways for these people to earn profits like safeguarding content against Google’s update, expanding a product line creatively in new directions, or innovating a multi-platform marketing strategy.


3. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

There is no different set of rules to learn if you have to earn money through affiliate marketing. What you want is sheer dedication, lots of creative tricks, and an innovative strategic mindset. The best marketing program in this area is the affiliate marketing amazon program, wherein people get showered with a lot of benefits.

But other than the affiliate marketing Amazon program, there a lot of different programs that can shower you with the same benefits showered by Amazon. Depending upon your site’s potential and the network you possess, we have listed the top 10 affiliate marketing programs that can make your bank account overflow with their timely profits. 

All the programs listed below house lucrative features that cater to every priority of an affiliate marketer and along with that, comprises of the prime qualities needed, such as providing you with timely commissions, excellent customer service, or diversified product options.


4. Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs:

4.1 GiddyUp:

In simple words, the GiddyUp site is particularly attractive for affiliate merchants who like working in highly specific and more obscure niches. GiddyUp works with most of the innovative and disruptive brands around the world and hence gets called as an exclusive performance marketing agency.

Another noteworthy feature of GiddyUp is the GiddyUp Publisher Program. This publisher program allows all affiliate merchants working under them to obtain five net payment every week on each offer they generate. All operations get duly optimized and tested before they go live on the platform.


4.2 ShareASale:

ShareAsale is a trusted name in this domain of affiliate networks and has been around this area for more than 18 years. In these 18 years, ShareAsale has worked with over 3000 merchants across various product categories. ShareASale provides you with lots of options to feature on their site through affiliate marketing.

ShareAsale gets considered as the first option for affiliate marketers who want to get outside their public networks and try out something new. Today, because of its transparency, honesty, and quality customer support, ShareAsale has become the best option for most of the affiliate marketers.


4.3 Clickbank:

Clickbank, another affiliate juggernaut, has been working in this domain for the past 20 years. It has made a name for it-selves in this sector, and all were for good reasons only. This popularity of Clickbank is due to its reputation of providing its merchants with on-time payments and relatively higher commissions, which are around 75 percent.

Other than higher commissions and one-time payments, Clickbank also offers additional features such as opportunities for partnerships, advanced analytics, and recurring commissions. By using these features, affiliate merchants will get bestowed with more data and flexibility to plan their marketing strategy more efficiently.


4.4 JVZoo:

JVZoo is another affiliate campaign that focuses mostly on digital and online products. It is a software as a service company and is free to signup and use. The company houses a unique and friendly site design and helps in facilitating and teaching affiliate marketing to those who are new to this domain. It also warns people about the risks associated with the field and how to get going without inviting any sorts of threats.

JVZoo also provides affiliate marketers with many befits such as instant sale notifications, instant commissions up to 100 percent with real-time tracking of traffics and earning statistics along with access to some unique affiliate training and tools. If you are a beginner in this area and are looking for learning affiliate marketing right form how to climb the ropes, then JVZoo is an excellent place for you to choose.


4.5 Avangate:

Avangate houses a database that features around 22,000 software products. If you are a person who is searching for promoting digital goods and services, then you must consider Avangate as it provides you with many options to choose and promote effectively.

Avangate is well-known in this domain of affiliate marketing and gets recognized widely by everyone due to its high percentage commissions, a large number of partners, and timely payments. Though it is a lucrative site, the targeted focus on only digital products might get confusing for those who were more focused on physical products.


4.6 CJ Affiliate: 

Most of you would have heard the name of CJ Affiliate, the prime affiliate network in this domain. It is also one of the most renowned players in the industry and encloses a massive affiliate network and works with companies all over the globe and promote their products effectively.

Since it is a huge company and has been in this domain for a longer time, it houses an extensive as well as easy interface and platform to navigate for beginners. For more advanced affiliate marketers, the site offers the CJ Performer Program. By using this program, merchants can earn commissions to around 10,000 US dollars a month. You can get started with CJ Affiliate quickly as their website is free to sign up.


4.7 Rakuten Marketing:

Rakuten Marketing has got voted as the ‘Best Affiliate Network’ for consecutively seven years by mThink. The reason for this reward is because this marketing program has got the backing of some real industry giants in it. As of 2019, the marketing program boasts of facilitating over 200 million orders across the world.

The salient feature of Rakuten is that it works with renowned brands such as Wal-Mart, Lacoste, Best Buy, and Macy’s. Because of working with such prominent brands, Rakuten efficiently manages the reliability and quality of the services that are getting promoted through it. People who are new to affiliate marketing and want to expand their reach vastly on a global scale would find the affiliate marketing program of Rakuten as a sensible step to get started.


4.8 Avantlink:

The Avantlink affiliate network is all about understanding the relationship between the products you promote, the way you market them, and also the adjustments or strategy you use to reap higher profits from them. Avantlink comprises an interface that customized the data enclosed within it quite efficiently. 

It comprises of an extensive network which gets connected with around hundreds of merchants across different fields, which provides many options to find for different kinds of affiliate marketers there.

You can make sure that you get focused on your time and results by using features of Avantlink, such as the product level tools, a dedicated international affiliate network, and customized tracking links.


4.9 eBay Partner Network:

Another marketing network program that is on similar lines with the affiliate marketing Amazon program is the eBay affiliate marketing program. eBay marketing program is identical to that of Amazon’s and is relatively simple and easy to use. The site houses around 1.1 billion listings and provides you a wide array of options to choose from, giving you a high potential to earn money.

But the drawback of the eBay marketing program is that the payment structure is massive low, as the percentage commission compared to other applications is quite low and lies in between 50-70 percent. One more drawback is that the partners get monthly rather than the weekly payment structure followed by other programs.


4.10 FlexOffers:

With over 12,000 affiliate programs and over 500 premium advertisers, FlexOffers boasts of an extensive and vast affiliate network, among others. FlexOffers house an extravagant list of affiliate program categories, which include automotive, business, entertainment, legal services, sports, travel, education, and others.

Apart from these features, FlexOffers also enclose a sleek and smooth interface for tracking your account and also provides on-call support fro publishers.


5. Conclusion:

In this online business world, things change quite vastly, and being flexible to everything is the only key to success. And in affiliate marketing, this feature holds accurate as only if you are flexible enough with the things happening around you can reap timely benefits.

Before choosing any one network, in particular, it is better to know it better by checking into some qualities such as services highlighted in the website, its legitimacy, payment structure, and the number of products it houses on the site.

Afterward, depending on your business goals, your particular field or area, and if you are beginner the level of comfort you need for learning a new affiliate program, you can choose one or two from the list mentioned above, which fits you the best. So depending on the above-said features, choose the affiliate programs that suit you the best and get started with this lucrative marketing technique.

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