10 years of Designmodo- Andrian Valeanu’s Journey from a Blog to a Successful Web Designing Platform

Andrian Valeanu's platform Designmodo has been offering web designing services to its users for over ten years and looks to enhance its services with each passing year.

Designmodo, one of the most well-established designing website, has come a long way since its launch back in 2010. The site that started as a blog back in the day has transformed into web designing and email building sites today. 

Receiving positive feedback in the past related to the quality of their designs motivated Designmodo to move a step forward in their design journey.

Visit DesignModo’s website here.


A Decade of Design

Designmodo, known for its quality designs & user experience, is a service that offers online applications to build websites & email newsletters and is dedicated to web designers, developers, marketers, startups, and business owners. 

Andrian Valeanu, the founder of Designmodo, has witnessed the design game change drastically in the last 9 to 10 years. 

Talking about this transition, he told TechLauncher,

“It’s hard to describe everything, but I can mention the most popular: the transition from skeuomorphic design to flat design, use of typography and big images, and the ever-growing use of videos and interactive content. The user experience has also changed in this time; it’s easier to start to work with an app than 10 years ago.”

Designmodo’s Truly International

The company claims to have a ‘truly international’ team, and we couldn’t agree more! Designmodo’s team of remote workers comprises individuals from Moldova, Spain, United States, Russia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Ukraine, and more. 

In his decade long journey, Andrian believes the people he has worked with on Designmodo projects have truly helped him grow personally and professionally. 

“They are professionals and friends; I learn many things from these professionals in their industries. Also, the new contacts I have gained using Designmodo offer the potential to grow in my professional life,”

says Andrian.


Andrian’s Advice for Aspiring Web Designers


Andrian advice aspiring web designers one thing- Don’t let your brain relax, learn. Every web designer and professional needs to make a habit of learning each day as learning catapults progress and quality. 

“Every day, you should ‘eat’ new content and inspiration because you have to grow and develop your skills and imagination,”

he remarked.

Saumya Uniyal
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