10 ways on How to Earn Money Online in India: Without Cheating Others or Scamming Them

In this article, we have discussed the Top 10 Online Business in India without cheating others or scamming them. We have also mentioned the different online businesses and their salient features, which make them enter this list of Top 10 Online Business in India without cheating others or scamming them.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. Characteristics Required before starting an Online Business 

3. Top 10 Online Businesses to Earn Money without Cheating Others

3.1. Online Consultancy Jobs

3.2 Doing Manual Jobs Online 

3.3 Becoming a Freelance Employee

3.4 Be a YouTuber

3.5 Buying and Selling Domains

3.6. Earning Money through Facebook or Instagram

3.7. Be a Content Writer

3.8 Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

3.9 Start your now Blog-Site and Earn money through it

3.10 Launching your Product Startup


1. Introduction:

In this below article we will suggest you the Top 10 Online Businesses in India which can get started without cheating other citizens or scamming them. We will suggest some scrutinized methods on how you can start an online business, and you can use the same industry to earn name and fame instead of cheating others.

An important point to mention here is that starting an online business and making money out of it is not a child’s play. Any business requires a substantial amount of skills with sheer dedication and hard-work to bestow you with success. Let us discuss some essential characteristics necessary to start an online store and get going with it. 


2. Characteristics Required before starting an Online Business: 

2.1 One lucrative option for anyone finding work online is the data entry jobs. But data entry jobs are mostly scams, and most of them squeeze the work from you and pay nothing in return later.

2.2 You cannot start earning quickly as soon as you start your online business. It requires a lot amount of time to establish yourself in this domain. So, patience is utmost required in this field.

2.3 The only quick way of earning money online is by cheating others or promoting scams, which is not the prime topic of our article. 

2.4 You will have to wait for at least six months for your online business to get established correctly and reap money out of it. The simple way of earning money through online marketing is simple, work harder to receive enough money out of it. 

2.5 It is effortless to start an online business; all you need is a good laptop, a stable internet connection, and the right amount of money as a security deposit.  

Now, let us look at the Top 10 Online Business, which can get opted if you do not want to cheat others and earn money.


3. Top 10 Online Businesses to Earn Money without Cheating Others:

3.1. Online Consultancy Jobs

3.1.1 One of the most lucrative online jobs in this domain, you can start your consultancy firm and hire some employees, or you can begin a consultancy agency individually. 

3.1.2 You don’t have to acquire a lot of skills for this job; you must have one ability; in particular, you must satisfy your client with the knowledge you possess. 

3.1.3 If you satisfy your client with your knowledge and consult him in a better manner, then you can easily reap benefits through this online business. 

3.1.4 To gain higher success in this filed, you can start by working with some people related to consultancy. Once you feel you have inherited enough skills to ace this particular job, you can begin to your firm. 

3.1.5 You can quickly become and charge a retired amount of sum for an hourly or weekly basis of consultancy lectures.

3.1.6 You can bring up a consultancy firm on any topic you feel you can amass a lot number of customers. The number of customers you attract, the more you can earn from this business. 

3.1.7 And one more thing is that you might need to spend some money on marketing, as you have to let people know about your business right, so you may have spent some amount to make your business reach them. 


3.2 Doing Manual Jobs Online

3.2.1 You can find a lot of choices to work online on the Internet. You can do many manual jobs online, like creating fliers for a small company or writing down review and rating forms for many consumer related agencies like Amazon and Flipkart. 

3.2.2 Though you wouldn’t get paid with a massive amount for this work, but with time if any company likes your way of working, then they may hire you as a full-time worker with a fixed pay scale. 

3.3. So, even in this domain, if you show your dedication and hard work, you are bound to excel. At the starting, the work will get finished quickly, but once you get hired as a full-time employee, you can witness some heavily barged work ratio.


3.3 Becoming a Freelance Employee

3.3.1 You don’t have to be an eminent writer or author to become a freelance employee. 

3.3.2 It is a myth that has got blindly followed in this domain that only freelance writers can make the right amount of money. That is entirely wrong. 

3.3.3 Even if you are a designer, marketer, or a programmer, you can find a lot of freelance jobs on the Internet, which in time will benefit you the mots. 

3.3.4 You must be good at that particular field and must wait patiently for a lucrative opportunity and then pounce in it. 

3.3.5 The two skills which have to get developed in you before becoming a freelancer are that you have to be excellent in the core domain skills, and secondly, you must have some creative marketing skills. 

3.3.6 In the domain of online businesses, marketing is the one side of a coin that always gets combined with your core domain skills. 


3.4 Be a YouTuber

3.4.1 The most efficient way of earning money online is through providing online education or tutorials at a prescribed amount. 

3.4.2 Many people are squeeing money through YouTube by using their creative knowledge and innovative marketing techniques. 

3.4.3 May it is unboxing phone videos or creating a cover song or even teaching tough subjects in a more relaxed manner to ace competitive exams; all sorts of videos get publicized on YouTube quickly if they are eye-catching and descriptive. 

3.4.4 Though this is not an easy option, as you must publish or upload high-quality videos with low disturbances, it is sure to reap higher money fro you once you become famous on YouTube. 

3.4.5 There are two types of people who are successful on YouTube by publishing videos. 

3.4.6 One is the people who make funny or entertaining videos to tickle the funny bone of the viewers. 

3.4.7 Second are the people who upload informative and technological videos such as unboxing, tips, and tricks to ace competitive exams to teach certain sets of an audience like tech geeks, students, children, and teenagers. 


3.5 Buying and Selling Domains

3.5.1 Is it even an online business? Yes, it is. And it will help you earn a substantial amount of money online. 

3.5.2 You can also rent a good website for a considerable amount of time if you have good traffic. This method is better than building a website right from scratch and developing it to its full potential, which is bound to take a more extended amount of time.

3.5.3 The other option is buying and selling domains on any marketplaces such as KillerLaunch.com or flippa.com

3.5.4 If you have a good SEO score or your domain has a creative name; then for sure, your domain will get purchased for a higher price. 

3.5.5 You can even buy some domains which you feel might have an increase in their price later in the future. So, you buy these domains as a sort of investment and sell them then at a higher price. 

3.5.6 A vital point to note here is that, though this online business promises you in getting the right amount of money, it is better to increase your expertise on domain trading before venturing into this field.


3.6. Earning Money through Facebook or Instagram

3.6.1 Yes, you can make money through many social media networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. These networking sites pay you per post or tweet for the marketing work you do for them. 

3.6.2 There are many people out there who are earning money through these social networking sites just by marketing a company’s products on their Facebook or Instagram wall. They do make a significant amount of money through it. 

3.6.3 While some people earn money by the number of products sold or customers extracted, some other people who are quite famous on the platform earn cash just by marketing the company’s products. 

3.6.4 As social media is a site that gets accessed to everyone, it is more comfortable to market here, as you will find a lot of consumer base in social networking sites.


3.7. Be a Content Writer

3.7.1 Content Writer and Freelance Writer are two different jobs, and most of the popes get confused with this. 

3.7.2 Content Writer is the job where you provide content for a particular magazine or company, and in return, you get paid with a certain stipend for your work. 

3.7.3 But to become a good content writer, you must possess the right amount of writing skills and must have a stronghold on English Grammar. You can start content writing as a beginner, and with the going of time, you can surely become an eminent content writer. 

3.7.4 Your content writing skills will also get improved by having specific tools such as GrammarlyPlagiarism Checker, and others. 


3.8 Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

3.8.1 Affiliate Marketing is similar to running a retail shop in the market. You have to sign up with some of the retail merchants such as FlipkartSnapdealeBay, or Amazon and promote their products on your social networking sites or websites to make money.

3.8.2 Many people earn money through affiliate marketing who do not have tighter own websites by doing their marketing through their social networking sites. 

3.8.3 Most of the people make their share of income or commission on the same day itself and happens to be the best choice for most of the people looking for online retail business. 


3.9 Start your now Blog-Site and Earn money through it

3.9.1 You can create your blog and earn money through it by writing some specific articles on a particular product as prescribed by the company. 

3.9.2 But before you start your blog, you have to market it thoroughly, so some renowned companies can notice it and approach for writing articles on them. 

3.9.3 You can also attach some of your famous writings on your blog wall so that people can watch it and approach you related to their design of the paper. 

3.9.4 You can also keep on writing blogs on various products until you get noticed, which is going to take e bit more of time. 

3.9.5 Once you get noticed by someone, they may hire you as their permanent blog editor and pay you a fixed stipend every month. You can also create many ads on your blog wall and invite companies to watch your created advertisements.


3.10 Launching your Startup

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3.10.1 The best and profitable way of running an online business is by starting a startup. You can never predict how a startup can help in increasing your growth quotient. 

3.10.2 Though you have to be careful and vigilant almost all the time and possess most of the skills such as marketing, core skills, management skills, accountancy, and many more, a startup is bound to escalate your growth to a higher level.

3.10.3 The startup has become the most prominent thing nowadays in the digital sector, and there are numerous startups today who have become a phenomenal success. 

3.10.4 You might have to keep on extending your startup base once it experiences the initial success. Broadening the base means hiring more employees, creating a web site or office space, investing the right amount of money on marketing and fliers, and many more. 

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